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If a doctor has an idea, he/she is supposed to write up a case for it and submit it to the rest of the experts in the field for review. And in fact, even this information is a result of a SCIENTIFIC inquiry. Even though both Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur did note that the “terrain is more important than the seed” we have gone the whole hog on the seed, risk factors, and what have you. I suggest you read the book “Bad Science” by Dr. Even assuming it is built on loose sand, that doesn’t mean you start questioning its basic principles. All the progress everywhere is exactly because of this. B please reset your bookmarks to this page. I know allopathy and nothing else.

I would suggest that instead of ridiculing this, we should be researching it And for your kind information, cancer is natural Even this information bringing to light the despicable act of manipulating trials to show the desired end results, was a result of another study which was again scientific! What was medicine then? Or what is the reason for Down’s syndrome or the fact that Rickets is caused by Vitamin D deficiency, or that Nyctalopia (Night blindnesss) is caused by Vitamin A deficiency? Evidence Based Scientific Medicine (EBSM) has marched on tremendously in the past 100 years to be entirely different from what these gentlemen knew at their times as “medicine”. Don’t blame the science. The evidence base is the ONLY way to a better system. The overall results do not show a beneficial effect on CHD or total mortality from this multiple risk factors intervention trial. (Zukel, Paul and Schnaper, 1981). ”
In other words, they found that changing the “risk factors” does not apparently change the risks. Are they any different from those in lifeforms? I urge you to re-read it and correct it forthwith. Alternative Medicines) and not Evidence Based Scientific Medicine (EBSM). A proverb is a short sentence based on a long experience. EBSM involves precisely this. There is nothing dogmatic about science. And there is one Deepak Chopra [Modern Yajnavalkya] who mixes some few catch words from Quantum Physics with spiritual jargon and declares that You are Iternity And as with everything scientific, the “evidence base” is not any infallible and unquestionable dogma! There is a regulatory body, and perhaps there may be evil, corrupt individuals in those. It is either science or it is nonsense, period.

Hegde, I guess you forgot to mention that this was intended for the quacks who call their wares “medicine”. They are not taken lightly. You cannot prove or disprove a cure Its a simple matter of probability. And various other fanciful words. Console always. Patient care simply is caring for the patient. Well, you are playing to the gallery now. I would suggest that instead of ridiculing this, we should be researching itNo one ridicules the placebo effect. Kapha! Your research methodology needs a lot of work here. With 2 cases. It is an elementary subject in medicine and one cannot become a doctor without studying it. Our ancient wisdom Indian Ayurveda and many other complementary systems stress just that fact to strengthen one s immune system. That was 16 years ago refusing both Chemotherapy and Radiation he is fit and well today having used meditation/visualisation/energy healing I will bet my last dollar on that. If you are going to harp about lifestyle modification, then I wish to point out that lifestyle modification need not be considered as something alien to EBSM. Napoleon Bonaparte went one step further, but one could argue that he was not a physician.

Does not cure cancers. And let me reassure you that the inherent, self-correcting methods of science will iron out the flaws in due course of time. But you would call that an unexplained remission. They knew nothing about illnesses! Both severe cases. One was told to go home and write her will as all that could be offered [as all her body and organs were riddled with cancer] Notions of quantum consciousness. I agree that the Big, Evil Desde hace veinte años elaboramos productos de Human genetics is the study of how genes influence human traits, diseases, and behaviors, including how genetic and non-genetic factors interact blending and conceptual integration tweet blending. What exactly in this practice do you find is bad? The key remains not in deriding the method but in educating the doctors and the consumers about how to assess claims and analyze the research methodologies. These ancient systems may not entirely be useless. Let’s see a group that takes only medications and no change to a healthier lifestyle and compare that with a similar group that takes no medications and refuses to change to a healthier lifestyle. Things won’t change much if we use the newer methods. I hope you are blaming the individual trials and not the method. The AHA is a trusted voice aha research grants. Every single time! Thank you. Aha dissertations in progress.