Ban cigarette smoking essay

Flight attendant: I like going through the motions of smoking cigarettes and enjoy the euphoric feeling that nicotine gives me. Yes, I would like apple juice, and may I ask you a question? Ban cigarette smoking essay. With no ash, no odor, no tar
or carcinogens, my mini Torch electronic cigarette gives me freedom. So it s undetectable. It is very simple. For the other passengers and crew, and you still get what you really want Are you harming anyone around you?

It does not smell and it won’t kill you! People just like to complain and aren t happy if they aren t. May I show you what I am talking about? The dialog goes something like this: They’re vaping in it s been one year since cvs stopped selling tobacco in its stores, and the company says the move has resulted in a decline in cigarette purchases over the. It s pretty sad I have to do that, but it s just easier than dealing with people s ignorance. I recently bought my Smoking Everywhere kit in Florida and flew home and smoked it in the bathroom the one time I finally gave into my craving. Nicotine inhaler? I can t understand why everyone wants to confront the airlines by insisting they be able to use their e-cigarette during flight. I just phoned Southwest airlines and asked about my ecig. I figured out a sure fire strategy to use for electronic cigarette for smoking on planes a new public smoking ban is about to go into effect in the philippines, where tobacco giant philip morris owns nearly three-quarters of the market. It sounds like they may be cracking down. Yell at manufacturers who started the whole tobacco industry years ago, not me who got roped in at a young age.
I respect your freedom now respect mine too? Not a idiot I suppose you are in complete control of any and all of your urges?? Will I have a problem getting my e cigartte thur security? Any other suggestions?

It simply emits steam vapor, nontoxic and odorless. I think I can make it on a 2 hour flight without it so will probably just pack it in my checked bag in its box containing all paperwork I received when I purchased it just to be on the safe side. They make me stink, my fingers smell, my husband doesn t like to kiss me after smoking a tobacco cigarette and second hand smoke is very dangerous for all innocent by-standers and children. Cigarettes is that even though it s widely accepted that it s a voluntary slow death for the smoker, there has NEVER been a single PROVEN case of even mild ailment connected with passive smoking, ever! Now, I know if they give me a hard time in the cabin, I will head to bathroom!! Lets ban cooking food. Not from me. The only concern they had was that foreigners who may not be familiar with the vapor cigs, may just light up a regular cigarette if they saw someone smoking a vapor cigarette. As with anything else, that anyone else may not appreciate, electronic cigarettes are going to be scrutinized when it comes to social acceptance. I was discreet about it. Sorry could not resist this, as red pants are just about as harmless as water vapour. Fight attendant: But no bans on using them, now is there? You are right. Thanks for your comment Bonnie. GAP FILL UK Smoking Ban i thought my e-cigarette was a miracle.

When you are told what you can and can t do, and when and where you can t do it because its due to others health and you abide by it and suck it up. It seems to get a lot more yes Propaganda though, tells us that it s as evil as the Nazi s This is NOT by any means a guarantee you will not have a problem because anything is possible. There are a whole lot of people who need to get a life and by that I mean stay out of others people s business and quit worrying about what offends you. Hopefully one day people will be more educated. Here is what I did: Finally, I wait until the drink service comes around and use the opportunity to have a brief dialog with a member of the cabin crew while everyone else is listening. At this point they will give their answer. The lady I spoke with was not aware of what is was. AN idiot Then no. During that experiment I covered the lighted tip with my hand and fingers while taking a drag so I would not attract attention. I ll keep that in mind next time I take a flight. Just 2 weeks ago, I tried my e-cig aboard a plane. Just coz a idiot finds it tacky???
So everything that a idiot or 2 may find tacky, should be banned??? They were very surprised. Is it OK if I use my nicotine inhaler on the plane? [I then show them my pen-style e cig]Flight attendant: I’m pretty sure that if you look to your own country, or other countries nearby, that you’ll find that same uncouth mentality that spawns this type of thing right in your own backyard. Now here comes a product that helps people quit smoking and does not harm others, and the biggest concern is the looks and action of smoking might offend someone. AMEN! I spoke with 3 different airlines, and the TSA this morning.