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My goal is to start with my home country and move on to other countries, leveraging the networks I am forming at Duke University and the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) Scholars Program. My name is Philemon Kiprop Kiptoo, from Marakwet in ElgeyoMarakwet County, Kenya. Analysis. Uncertainty arises in virtually all real-world applications, for instance, due to noisy measurements or a lack of observability. As many models in engineering and the natural sciences make use of. Counting Functions, Mass Formulas, and Heuristics for Number. The Malle-Bhargava heuristics give asymptotic predictions for the density of number fields of bounded discriminant with a given Galois group G, in terms of the number of G-extensions of p-adic. A data landscape for public health and social justiceMike Dolan Fliss, MSW, is a UNC Epidemiology PhD Student, former health informatics manager at Orange County Health Department, and current informatics and epidemiology consultant with public. (The department also has at 4pm in room 101 during the term. )Mathematical sciences are an important part of modern day technological innovation and development.

The number of mathematics majors who graduated in 2014-15 was 48; 28 mathematics minors also graduated. Indeed, given its ability to. A large number of signals is collected from a wide variety of physical and biological phenomena, and in a variety of forms, ranging from acoustics. Topology is the study of shapes and spaces. Known as “The Queen of the Sciences, ” it is the purest form of quantitative analytical reasoning and thus has applications to almost every other science. The research interests of the department span significant areas of pure and applied mathematics. An independent, private foundation based in Toronto, Canada, it was established through the generosity of MasterCard Worldwide at the time of the company’s initial public offering in 2006. And I look forward to my research experience this summer in the Howard Hughes Research fellows program. To learn more visit. The MasterCard Foundation advances microfinance and youth learning to promote financial inclusion and prosperity. Office 011 Allen Building, Durham, NC 27708 the mems e-newsletter is sent once per semester and provides a snapshot of our research, programs, people and events. He attended Moi Forces Academy in Nairobi where he served in the student government as a Library Captain, chaired the Wildlife Club and one of his most notable accomplishments was designing a property management system presented to the Kenya Chief of Defense Force.

After my education at Duke, I will be better able to assist the orphans and street children in Zimbabwe, by providing them with a shelter and free education through networking with existing establishments in Zimbabwe and creating partnerships which will make the services of the orphanages more effective for the children. Ashley Elizabeth Sobel Research Associate edu duke’s pratt school of engineering is a vibrant teaching and research institution dedicated to training the next generation of leaders and exploring the frontiers. Early. Algebra refers to the use and manipulation of symbols, often with each representing some mathematical entity such as a quantity (think integer or. Computational Mathematics involves mathematical research in areas of science and engineering where computing plays a central and essential role. Mathematical physics seeks to apply rigorous mathematical ideas to problems in physics, or problems inspired by physics. The velocity. Mathematical research in physical modeling focuses on the formulation and analysis of mathematical representations of problems motivated by other. Partial differential equations (PDEs) are one of the most fundamental tools for describing continuum phenomena in the sciences and engineering. Led by U. N. She believes that this moment was the stepping stone that landed her the golden opportunity as one of the MasterCard foundation scholars at Duke.  Paschalia recognized her passion for the arts at a tender age of six when she began spending hours creating comics on issues around her.

Was named the “Top Girl Learner Nationally” in South Africa, for Life Sciences. As a member of the United States Student Achievers Program, run through the U. S. For more information, visit. Like The MasterCard Foundation, Duke thinks and acts globally. In 2008, she took the first position in Form Two National Examinations in Tanzania. Campus Box 90047 view archives main menu undergraduate. At Duke, she has taken part in various academic, cultural and community activities which have been very influential in her academic and personal journey. These 2n dimensional manifolds come with a retraction onto a core n-dimensional stratified complex. Risk-Averse PDE-Constrained Optimization: She visited many places such as Shanghai, Xian and Hong Kong.   She is a member of the Kunshan Student Advisory Council for DKU at Duke. Duke graduate student thesis lacrosse.