Pros and cons of organ donation essay

It is believed to be the first time a domestic cat has been cloned; The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment (if death is not intended. During this process, the nucleus of a fertilized organism s egg is replaced by a nucleus of an organism s cell. Dolly s health problems got so severe that scientists had to end her life at the age of 6. The ethics of human cloning need to be discussed out in the open for the public to hear, because if human cloning becomes widely practiced, it will be a lot harder to solve the ethical issues of human cloning. She was reported to be vigorous at birth and appeared to be completely normal. Comments about Hammond Sk2 Organ I have almost no negative comments about the Sk2 they are forced fed. Genetic research is advancing so that one day genetic defects might be weeded out of individual cells and healthy genes inserted instead (e.

g. For example, in its DNA a skin cell contains the instructions for making an eye. What genes are switched on or off in each individual skin cell (though the cells may be identical, some have black switched on while others have orange switched on). Although the reports describe Copycat as a tortoiseshell, the photos issued to the media very clearly show a tabby-and-white, not a tortoiseshell (black-and-orange) which suggests scientists (or more like reporters) may be improving the cloning process, but they have a great deal to learn about cats in general! The donor is a tabby-tortie-and-white called Rainbow. If the original Cigar is infertile because of an illness or injury, the clone should be fertile. A clone will be the same gender as the tissue donor. It will be the same sex and it will have the same genetic defects or mutations which were present in the tissue donor. The genes (lengths of DNA) are stored as strings called chromosomes in the cell nucleus. Cloning is the process of creating a copy of a biological entity 1. The monk who copies the new manuscript also copies the spelling error and maybe adds another error. However, you can skip this section if you prefer. In a clone, there are no back-up copies of genes.

This is fine in theory but may not work in practice because some genes on the sex chromosomes HAVE to be inherited from the father if the offspring is to be normal. What if the cloned kid figures out that hes the exact person of a kid thats dead and honestly thats messed up on so many levelsCloning is good becauz it maks babis. Can lungs and vital organs be cloned in the bodythis is not ok. Although the kitten is newborn, all of its cells are saying that they are ten years old. This grew into an embryo and was implanted in a surrogate mother. The nucleus of this cell was inserted into an egg in a technique called nuclear transfer - the same technique used to make Dolly the sheep. The gene is like a word and the chromosome is like a sentence. Links are allowed but please do not spam the comment section with excessive links. Temperament is controlled partly by genes and partly by environment, both inside the womb and during a cat's lifetime. Though this seems a great step forwards, the failure rate is still extremely high - only 1 out of 87 attempts resulted in a clone - and the kitten was not born naturally. Some of these consequences will involve genetic mutation and genetic contamination due to interbreeding. Before going into the pros and cons of human cloning, let us quickly explore what human cloning is. If clones don t work what will you do with them?

In normally conceived animals, the chronological age is what we refer to simply as age - the number of years we have existed, the number of birthdays we have celebrated.

Biological age is the cellular age (as described above). Yet her coat colour and pattern is different from that of her mother because the pattern of pigmentation in multicoloured animals is the result of genetic factors combined with developmental factors within the womb. It is provided to give an understanding of cell division and why there are still problems with cloning technology. The cells in a cat's body continually divide and replace themselves. Perlstein received his Medical Degree from the University of Cincinnati and then completed his internship and residency in pediatrics at The New York arguments for automatic organ donation more than 6,500 people in the uk need a transplant, but a shortage. The older the donor, the more likely there is to be damage. Being skin). The clone will be the same as the original was before any accident, illness or surgery. The telomeres are also like a clock, telling the chromosome in the cell how old the cat is. In effect, a cell taken from a cat knows how old it is. It is very bad luck if both copies of a particular gene are defective. These issues are complex and are discussed in detail in Matt Ridley's Genome. In humans there are all sorts of conditions which arise if genes are inherited from 'the wrong parent'. Pros and cons of organ donation essay.